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Kyllikki will not rush

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From Kuukauden Työhevonen: Kyllikki (työ



b. 10.5 2002
s. Poika-Luri
d. V.T. Trulli
Breeder & owner Niilo Juselius, Sipoo

Kyllikki’s breeder Niilo Juselius tells that she has never rushed anywhere. Even giving birth to her took much longer than usually. She was a calm and considering foal as well, it was easy to teach her everything she needs for a work horse’s career. She is humble and hard worker, who stays still as long as it takes. Niilo says that not everyone agrees that Kyllikki actually does what is asked from her, but they have worked well together.

Kyllikki has been inspected for studbook with driveability test. Usually she works for show in different events, such as weddings and other occasions. Niilo doesn’t advertise much, but the word goes around and carriage rides are asked quite much. Before retirement Niilo and his horses worked for Helsinki city management.

Original text by Kirsti Forssen


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