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Breeding numbers are going down fast


From Yli tuhat astutusta vähemmän kuin viime vuonna ( and

Astutustilastot 2012 valmistumassa (

2-year-olds at Ypäjä. Photo: Hippos/Terttu Peltonen

The statistics of the breeding season 2012 are almost ready. Finnhorse studs got 398 mares less than last year. The trend is lowering in all horses and ponies in Finland.

Here are some numbers from finnhorses in all four breeding sections:

J-section 101 1354
R-section 32 256
P-section 19 65
T-section 7 16

Altogether 1736 (vs. 2134 mares in 2011)

These numbers do not include the studs that have not been inspected for studbook, but their breeding is really marginal nevertheless, maybe a few mares a year.

All top ten studs are trotters and the big names Suikku, Vokker and their sons seem to keep up when breeding for speed in trotters. So there seems to be no change in the growing concern of the inbreeding percentage, which has been rising in increasing speed. I can’t blame the breeders who wish for a foal that sells, but I guess we have to look at other breeding sections when searching for more variety in population.

Most popular finnhorse studs in 2012:

  1. Liising 150 (Patrik – Vekkuli)
  2. Ture 119 (Turo – Resori)
  3. I.P. Lento 105 (Vistari – Suikku)
  4. Sipori 63 (Suikku – Jaska)
  5. Viesker 55 (Vokker – Jaska)
  6. Villihotti 54 (Aatami – Ruutu-Poika)
  7. Sörkän Sälli 52 (Ture – Suikku)
  8. A.T. Eko 51 (Suikun Ero – Vokker)
  9. Patrikin Muisto 45 (Patrik – Vokker)
  10. Tuokkolan Touho 43 (Liising – Vispok)



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