It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Finnhorse’s status as a native breed


My reading hobby with bachelors’ theses regarding finnhorses continues. This time my eye caught a thesis with headline The Status of the Finnhorse as a Native Breed, by Anni Lehto in 2012 (Degree Program in Agriculture and Rural Industries, Equine Option)

The thesis is based on an assignment of Swiss Horse Heritage Foundation.
The Foundation aims to increase knowledge about different horse breeds.
The summary of the Finnhorse written in English is in the appendix of this
thesis. The commissioner for the thesis is MTT Equine Research with
Horse Heritage Foundation. The goal is to define the status of the Finnhorse
today and in the future as a native breed and also to compare the
state of the breed to other European draught horses. Research methods
have been mainly literature review and action research that consists of different
research results, information provided by national and international
breed associations and organizations, literature about Finnhorse and current
reports of the equine industry. In addition, a preliminary project called
Future Finnhorse by Finnish breeding and trotting association Suomen
Hippos has been closely examined.
The status of the Finnhorse compared to other European coldblooded
breeds is quite good. Finnhorse is a versatile breed that is suitable for
teaching and therapy use as well as sport and pleasure. On the other hand
the Finnhorse isn’t well-known globally and information is hard to find in
other languages besides Finnish. A finctioning marketing system should
be developed and the breed associations should have more cooperation, so
that the interest for the breed would increase both in Finland and abroad.
The Finnhorse population has been quite stable in recent years, but the
breeding numbers haven’t increased expectedly. More active and deliberate
breeding is needed. Maintenance of a healthy population requires motivating
the breeders, enhancing professional management and improved
cooperation and interaction between Finnhorse consumers. The primary
act, however, is to highlight the Finnhorse in the eyes of potential consumers,
so they would rather choose the national breed over the imported
Keywords Finnhorse, native breed, coldblood, draught horse, universal

Pages 69 p. + appendices 22 p.

Lehto also wrote a 20-page booklet of finnhorse in English. It’s attached in the thesis file (last 20 pages). Have a look at it!


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