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Greetings from Ireland

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Trying out some PoloCrosse, photo by Sanna Heikkinen

Author’s greetings from the Emerald Isle! In September I packed my belongings and headed to Ireland for a student exchange of two semesters. As a media student I have done things according to graphic design, but here I’ve got to introduce myself also to field of multimedia, animation and web design -and of course, Irish culture.
As a horse country this seems to be much bigger and a bit different. First of all, Ireland is much more riding-oriented than Finland, where harness racing is the big thing. I have had an opportunity to riding lessons and maybe there’s even a possibility of competing later on. The general thought of riding is much more “learning by doing” when compared to Finland, where it’s more “practice until it’s perfect” way of thinking. I can’t say which way would be better, and of course I have been only on one instructor’s lessons yet, but for me those two ways to learn support each other.

Overall the atmosphere is friendly and encouraging rather than judging, dull or depressed. Needless to say I have enjoyed my stay here, both as a horse enthusiast and a student. I can see why so many Finns love it here. I had heard that the Finns and the Irish tend to get along well, and they have proven it true.

My own horse stayed in Finland and is currently continuing with her riding training. Versatile as we are, we could maybe even try to train both of us into shape of competing some day. But that’s still far in the future… :D

Just a little glimpse to my personal life -I’m not giving up on blogging and will continue with finnhorse articles as often as I can. Just wanted to say that if you are a student and have an opportunity to go abroad -DO IT. It broadens your horizon. If you want to read more about my adventures in Ireland, you can check out my personal blog.


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