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Finnhorse monté, where are you going?



Graph: Finnhorses in monté races 1984-2012 (2012: until 26.10.2012, may not be the final number) Source: statistics

Monté, or mounted trot racing, is still really marginal in Finnish racing scene. Finnhorse monté seems to be in margin of the margin. Offered races are rare and it seems to be hard to find horses even to those few offered races. I don’t know if this is a matter of poor race planning or are finnhorse people just not into monté?

Rojali, ridden by Eveliina Kakko, won the Finnish Championship race in Mikkeli 2012. Silver Medalist Laaserin Kuva won the Nordic Championship in Sweden a few months later. Photo: Hippos/Irina Keinänen

The biggest single event in finnhorse monté must be the SM-race as the first race of trotting championships Saturday every year. It gets a huge crowd, but otherwise it seems that monté races are still, after more than two decades, often seen as show numbers between the “real” sulky races instead of taken seriously as one aspect to racing and something that should be developed further. Good thing there are active people at the monté organisation, I just hope that finnhorses won’t get dropped out of their agenda!


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