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The profile of the Finnhorse Consumer

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Sanna Söderlund made her Bachelor’s Thesis for her Degree Programme in Agricultural and Rural Industries,
Equine Option with the headline The profile of the Finnhorse Consumer in 2010.

The subject of this thesis is The Profile of the Finnhorse Consumer. The commissioner of this thesis was Suomen Hippos ry, and the background of the thesis was in the different Finnhorse developing projects, especially Suomenhevosen verkostohanke (2009 – 2010). The objective was to find out the typical profile of a Finnhorse consumer. A subject of study was also if there are conjunctive qualities between the people taking interest in Finnhorse, or is the group of Finnhorse consumers selected coincidentally. A lot of studies have been written of Finnhorse, but the Finnhorse consumers have been left out of them, so the need for this kind of thesis was real. The marketing of horse industry has been improved a lot lately, and this thesis supports Finnhorses marketing for its part.
There were no direct theses made of the same subject before, so the material for the thesis was collected by an inquiry via Internet. The inquiry was published on a few web sites, and it was open to answer for two weeks. 857 Finnhorse consumers answered to the inquiry, and 90 % of the answerers took interest in Finnhorse as a hobby, and 10 % had a horse industry company, where they had Finnhorses. For the interpretation of the results the quantitative research method was mainly used, but some of the questions needed to be checked by the qualitative research method.
The results of the inquiry showed some similarity in the interests, values and backgrounds of the Finnhorse consumers. Some areas were very similar to all the answerers, but some had more variation. This thesis showed a kind of typical profile of the Finnhorse consumer, but deeper researches should be carried out to find out other kind of profiles, and to segment consumers for the marketing.
Keywords Finnhorse, consumer behaviour, marketing, horse
Pages 43 p + appendices 4p.

..and what did she find out?

I made this infograph about a typical finnhorse consumer, based on the most common answers in Sanna’s inquiry:

Typical finnhorse consumer based on an online inquiry

Of course it’s not the whole truth -there are lots of different people involved. How accurate so you feel this is to you?


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