It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Hundreds of finnhorse photos


English: Finnhorse Stallion Murron-Ryhti 3531 ...

Sukuposti also has a huge gallery of old photos. Finnhorse Stallion Murron-Ryhti 3531 in a horse pulling competition, pulling a cart loaded with stones, in sand. (This photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting to know the finnhorse? Wish to see photos of them? Haven’t heard of Sukuposti?

Sukuposti is a horse pedigree database organised by active Finnish volunteers. The database offers well-updated pedigree information, news and photos of horses -any user can upload their photo, and there are also a few professional or semi-professional photographers who add their photos to the database regularly.

You can choose any breed you wish to see, but behind this link you can see the results narrowed down to the latest finnhorse photos that have been added to the database. Remember, these photos are for viewing purposes only. If you wish to use or publish any of the photos, you must contact the photographer to ask for permission. Enjoy!


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