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Stallion inspection at Harju 17th October


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The last annual inspection for finnhorse and warmblood trotter stallions was held last week. Five new studs made it through the test and got their official licenses for breeding.

All horses get points from their body structure and character, trotter horses (J) show their gaits and driveability on the track in a driveability test and riding horses (R) ridden in dressage, show jumping and rideability with a rider other than his own. Pony-sized finnhorses (P) have a choise between rideability and driveability test and work horses redeem themselves either by driveability (Ta) or heavyweight pulling test (T). Driveability tests are, of course, a bit different for different breeding sections, but they basically test this horses’s ability to work in a given assignment of trotting, carriage driving or draft. This year’s Harju inspection showed all four breeding sections with two inspected trotter stallions, one riding horse, one work horse and one pony-sized horse.

Hexan Voksu, Photo: Hippos/Eero Perttunen

Hexan Voksu 1591-07J (Vokmar – Hexa – Taikuri)

Hurja-Ero, Photo: Hippos/Eero Perttunen

Hurja-Ero 1451-02J (Suikun Ero – Hijani – Vejani)

Neviisi, Photo: Hippos / Eero Perttunen

Neviisi 1362-06R (Pellervo – Chrissen Tähti – Vokker)

Nurmio, Photo: Hippos / Eero Perttunen

Nurmio 1766-99Ta (Pette – Heiliina – Hiluri)

Tintin Sahrami, Photo: Hippos / Eero Perttunen

Tinti Sahrami 1699-08P (Pölyke – Vieno-Kaneli – Jessimo)

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