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Finnhorse Royalties Indoor was a chilling event for HIHS evening


From Suomenhevosten ystävien juhlahetki lauantain viihdeillassa (HIHS)

The horses of the national horse breed of Finland showed their best at Helsinki UB Horse Show on Saturday night 20th of October.

Finnhorse quadrille. Photo: SRL

Finnhorse Grand Prix show jumping class of 110cm fences was won by Sirun Oliver, ridden by Joni Koivusalo. Second place Castellon Viljami / Emmi-Maria Ojala and third Humeli / Anniina Anttila. Castellon Viljami and Humeli stayed after the competition to try breaking the world record of the highest jump for finnhorses, along with Jopetti, ridden by Nina Eskola.

All three jumped clear the first jump of 125 cm, but already 135 cm was the highest they could clear. Castellon Viljami was the only one to try 145 cm, but unfortunaely dropped it. Therefore the previous record of 172 cm remains unbroken.

Dressage number of the evening was a finnhorse quadrille, performed by the best of the breed in dressage. Ruling dressage champion Corleone, along with champions from previous years, long-time rivals as well as new apprentices: Rosmo, A.L. Peto, Jaime, Ratsu Reima, Hessin Leevi, Suvi-Hermiina and Herkko Hurmaus, all well-known names in the dressage circles.

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