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Introduction to Coronation Trot races


English: Finnhorse gelding Reipas during the L...

English: Finnhorse gelding Reipas during the Lahti Kuninkuusravit in 1958, where he won both of the high-level handicap starts, but being a gelding, was unable to attend the trotter king race . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Finnhorse Trotting Championship (in Finnish “Kuninkuusravit”) is one of the biggest summer events in Finland. The main competition for the best stallions and mares of the Finnhorse breed consists of three different races on two days. On Saturday the horses compete on 2100 metres, and on Sunday they show their speed and powers first in a one mile race and then finally in a 3100 metres stayer-race, which is a great final to a weekend of big feelings and great glory. In addition to these main races, there is a great variety of other races on the program during the weekend. Source

Planning a trip to Finland? Why not adjust your visit to July, and spend a nice weekend at the races in 27th and 28th of July in Kuopio?

Visit for more information on the upcoming event and if you wish to see the races without standing in line for tickets, you can book them online. For accommodation and other sights to see in Kuopio region, see

Trotter queens of all time (Hippos)

Trotter kings of all time (Hippos)

Hippos photo bank

Yle video archive : Kuninkuusravit

Videos from finnhorse trotting championships from 1950’s to 21st century.


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