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Saran Salama switching careers from trotting to riding at the age of 16

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From Ravikuningas valloittaa ratsukentän (Johanna Talasterä, 13.10.)

Three-time trotter king Saran Salama retired from race tracks last year for stud life. Now he has got a saddle on his back.

Saran Salama.
Photo: Yle

For a trotter horse riding is light work after years in harness. Owner Sara Perttunen tells that they had been riding him before, too, since they used to ride him also on his days off from harness training, about once a week.

– On his free days we went for a walk with Salama. After he retired, we thought that it would be nice to have something for him to do, because he is an active horse.

Surprisingly good riding horse

Dressage rider Siiri Kyrö, Saran Salama’s current trainer since last spring, was not so sure about his ability at first.

– I was sceptic at first, already retired 16-year-old horse starting a completely new career.. But he feels like a riding horse already. I think this must be nice change for him too, and it’s light work. He hardly even sweats, laughs Siiri.

Those who are familiar with Saran Salama’s pedigree are not very surprised for his talent for riding. For example his son Sarantino has redeemed himself on dressage course already and his late full brother Kihin Källi used to be one of the best finnhorses in dressage.

Slowly but steady

Saran Salama has proven himself a promising riding horse, but his owners and trainer are not hurrying. He works already well in trot and is currently starting to work in canter.

– For now I would like to ride him for our own fun, but we might offer him for riding horse studbook some day, maybe even compete in dressage. Though we don’t have any huge expectations, tells Sara Perttunen.

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