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Video: Hurja-Ero knows multitasking

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Ravisuora: Jari Nylund/Hurja-Ero (Ravisuora 19.5.2012)

Riding school enterpreneur Jari Nylund had been interested in harness racing for a while before, but got to try this fascinating horse sport, climbing on the sulky himself, with finnhorse stallion Hurja-Ero. “Eero” has redeemed himself both as a good trotter (in this interview participating to Kuopio’s 75-round next Saturday) and a riding horse. Jari thinks that learning the control of pace and tempo are important for trotters as well and riding works wonders for trotter’s body and mind through the racing season.
“Eero’s” stud career has also already began, Nylunds had one foal by Hurja-Ero this summer and are planning on inspecting the stallion for studbook so others could use him as well.

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One thought on “Video: Hurja-Ero knows multitasking

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