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Ypäjä Stud has joined ESSA


From Ypäjän kansainvälinen yhteistyö laajenee -Hevosopisto ESSA:n jäseneksi (

Not so fresh news, but how come I haven’t heard of it before? Ypäjä Equine College was accepted for ESSA (European State Studs) organisation, which works for preservation of national state studs’ heritage inside the EU district.

ESSA campaigns for the preservation of the European state studs’ heritage. To share experience and knowledge, the ESSA partner studs cooperate in different fields:

  1. Education and Training
  2. Marketing and Tourism
  3. Modernising of stud administration
  4. European Law
  5. Research in breeding and welfare of the horse
  6. Exchange of genetic material, especially with regards to sport horses and endangered breeds

ESSA currently has altogether 32 member studs in 16 different countries, including for example Swedish, German, Polish, Austrian, French, Italian and Hungarian studs. Their headquarters is located in German Marbach stud. See the list of member studs here.

Päivi Laine from the Ypäjä Equine College tells that the membership offers Ypäjä stud international contacts, which should be useful for students of the college as well, for example to complete their internship modules during their studies. “It takes more than just the walls. The stud has to be active some way or another, though not necessarily as a national stud. We work to preserve the cultural and milieu heritage sites, but there is no longer an official national stud in Finland. Our horse breeding is tightly connected to education

See Ypäjä’s page on the ESSA site


Ypäjä is well known for their finnhorses, especially their work for finnhorse’s riding horse breeding section. Majority of the teaching horses are finnhorses and they are also the main breed in MTT equine research stables located at the same grounds.

I found this brilliant quadrille video with a caption that said

ESSA quadrille in Avignon 2011

20 stallions of different breeds from four countires performed at the gala shows of the French horse fair “Cheval Passion” at Avignon in January 2011. Marbach State Stud (Germany), the Suisse National Stud Avenches, National Stud Lipica (Slovenia) and the French National Studs enchanted the audience.
Presented with kind permission of Stéphane Roland. – Length: 18:22 min.

I would definitely want to see finnhorses performing on an arena like that, too! Maybe the next Equitana?


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