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Coronation Trot 2013


Finnhorse trotter king and queen 2012: Erikasson and Sirun Valpuriina. Photo Hippos/Irina Keinänen

The finnhorse trotting championship race weekend is the 82nd of its kind. The event has taken place in Kuopio in 1959, 1967, 1982 and 1998, so this will be the fifth time for Kuopio to organize the biggest trotting event in Finland and also one of the biggest in Europe. The best horses and drivers of Finnish trotting will be seen at Kuopio Sorsasalo racetrack in 27th and 28th July, 2013.

For horse racing fans the finnhorse trotting championships weekend is without doubt the highlight of their year. The mood is top notch both on and off the track. The audience is expected to be at least 60 000 people.

The best finnhorses compete in three part races on three distances: 1600, 2100 and final 3100m -all these three races in two days. The allround best stallion and mare will have their names written in the honourable tables of trotter kings and queens and therefore leave their hoofprints in history. The race has already over 80 year tradition.

The new website was published today. Find it at

The kings and queens 1924-2012


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