It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Get to know the finnhorse


If you haven’t seen this publication yet, I’d suggest you to read it. This brochure was made in 2007 and offers quite good basic information about finnhorses both in history and today. Their versatility is well shown, lively graphics as well as multiple photos make learning fun.

Even if you are familiar with the breed already, have a look. As much as I have read about Finnish horses in the past, I still learned new things from this brochure. There are versions in Finnish, English, Swedish and German. Enjoy!

Get to know the Finnhorse (English, pdf)

Bekanta Dig med Finnhästen (Swedish, pdf)

Finnische Pferde-Stärke (German, pdf)

Tutustu suomenhevoseen (Finnish, pdf)

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