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Högfors GST Kriterium 2012 for Siirin Älli

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From Bosses Lily ja Siirin Älli Kriteriumien voittoon ( news)

Siirin Älli is the Coldblood Kriterium winner 2012. Photo by Hippos / Satu Meriluoto

The biggest age-class race for four-year-old coldblood trotters with 38 000 euro prize money, Kriterium, is a very honoured race, and winning it must be a dream of every trotter horse breeder, horse owner and trainer in Finland. This year the favourite Siirin Älli was overwhelmingly superior to all opponents, though the win wasn’t written in stone beforehand. Second to finish was Vixen and bronze medal went to Kupori. Tough foal star Jokivarren Kunkku galloped only 500m before the finish line. Siirin Älli has raced nine times in his career, seven of those races ending in winner’s circle. This win doubled his earnings.

Final Results

1 Siirin Älli / Ahti Antti-Roiko

2 Vixen / Akseli Lahtinen

3 Kupori / Teemu Okkolin

4 Virikari / Hannu Torvinen

5 Jokivarren Kunkku / Antti Ojanperä

6 Tuli-Ritari / Juha Länsimäki

7 Frankker / Seppo Sarkola

8 Ainon Ilo / Reijo Irri

9 Riutan Lento / Arto Laaksonen

10 Sopun Aino / Tommi Ala-Nikkola

11 Vilkkaan Varma / Jani Ruotsalainen

Cuda / Ari Moilanen (disqualified)


See more photos at Hippos photo bank

Watch the race video on Toto TV archive




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