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Viriella doesn’t take days off

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Kuukauden työhevonen: Viriella (

Viriella 1171-00T

born 12.5 2000
sire Vokkerilla
dam Vietteen Tyttö
breeder Kari Hölsö, Ylistaro

Viriella, nicknamed Elli, was five years old as she came under Matti Vuori and Lotta Mikkola’s ownership. Lotta had had horses before, for Matti this was his first horse ever. Though he had had his first touch to horses already at his childhood home, he was too young to remember any of it.

This mare felt like the one right as they met. She had trotted a few starts and begun her training for sleigh, so it was easy to continue schooling her as a work horse. Elli has never been frightened of any machines they have harnessed her in, even the loudly rattling rake machine won’t disturb her calm. Elli has been very versatile for any work around the year. During the winter she helps bringing firewood, and during the summer cutting the hay is her speciality. The steady puller can just lean on the collar and get going.

This soft-looking, round mare reminds of a chubby, hard-working farm mistress. Matti sais she is a fearless worker, who thinks fun rides are useless. The bigger an heavier the carriage, the better she goes, but pulling a lighter church sleigh is more like a fly trying to get forward in tar… Maybe it’s because of the audience, but she has also worked as model for work horse courses and starred in a mini TV-series called Tauno Tukevan sota (Tauno Tukeva’s war, Yle).

Viriella has been inspected for work horse studbook with 2nd prize and 39 points. They wondered carefully which one would be better way to inspect her, with driveability or pulling test. Since many of the older horsemen think that pulling test is the only right way to inspect a horse for work horse studbook, they decided to go with it. And it was the right decision, Elli pulled until the jury was out of weight rocks, they asked for a few men from the audience to step on the test sleigh to add more weight, since the horse wasn’t looking tired at all. Elli’s humor was gone though, she just looked back and wouldn’t take another step, as she was saying “I’m not pulling all of you!”

Elli is a very stubborn character. She feels like knowing better than the driver, where the sleigh is going and can turn into a completely different horse if she is having a bad day. You’ll never know what mood she is in when the dawn breaks, tells Matti.

Original text by Kirsti Forssen

Photos from the article, by Elina and Matti Vuori


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