It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Finnhorse’s brand


From Suomenhevosesta voisi tulla vientibrändi islanninhevosen tapaan (

The Finnhorse could become a brand, just like Icelandic horse is for Iceland. The biggest problem is the amount of finnhorses -there are only about 1300 foals born every year. Large-scale export would require at least 2000 foals per year. It would take more active breeding horses and also marketing work, but the horse itself already is interesting. It’s a versatile, humble worker and companion for practically any equestrian.


Finnhorse stallion Lorentso is eager, strong and humble worker. These traits are valuable for a riding horse. Photo: YLE / Sari Törmikoski

I agree with Markku Saastamoinen, researcher of Finnish agriculture, who was interviewed for the article. He says that finnhorses have potential but so far the population is small for exporting and the Finns haven’t even actually tried marketing them outside Finland.

I know a small population of finnhorses in Germany and a few horses in Sweden and England. I hope they would be introduced to as many people as possible! In my opinion, all they need is a chance to charm the people out there, as they have charmed us here in Finland. :)


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