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Personal view on finnhorses

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Ennin Epeli, photo by Sini Tuhkunen

I have meant to write more personally about finnhorses; why is it this particular horse breed that has become my favourite. I have told before on the about-page that there were a few finnhorses that I got to know as I was younger, beginning with horses, and they got to leave their hoofprints on my heart deeper than others. I know these are clichés that you most often hear, but I believe people wouldn’t repeat them so much if they weren’t true.


Finnhorses are calm and mostly easy-going horses, yet they can be stubborn and one has to earn their true respect, but after that they would climb a tree for you. Altogether they are the most honest horses I have met, they give nothing for free but always let you try again and if they decide to leave the place, they just leave, they don’t try to stomp the rider as flat as possible on the way. That makes them so good horses for riding schools, it’s rare for them to get completely crazy and jumpy all for nothing. Humble, hard-working horses, yet each of them still has a unique personality.

I am sure that these horses are so versatile for any sport because they are so calm, yet curious and as told, once you earn their respect, they’ll do anything for you. After that it’s just a case of trying, schooling and selective breeding.


Well, yes, there are about 20 000 finnhorses to date, but it’s still a rare breed in world scale. That is a fascinating fact, since it is just as good as any pony or sport horse or cob that has been bred crossing warmbloods with heavier draughts. I believe this is mostly a marketing thing, the Finns haven’t got faith in their own horses and believe that foreign is always better. I think it doesn’t take a fundamental nationalist to appreciate the work that has been done over the past 105 years and think that a Finn is just as good as any other.


Yet a modern finnhorse has come a long way from the earlier draft horses, it is still a strong-structured, decent-sized, a bit pony-like yet still a horse. I think they are simply beautiful.


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