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Ylen Sirmakka has grown into a brisk mare


Ylen Sirmakasta kasvoi ripsakka tamma ( 6.9.2012)

Suomenhevostamma seisoo maneesissa
Ylen Sirmakka. Photo: Yle / Milla Holm

Finnhorse, is a native Finnish horse breed. Suomen Hippos, the main organisation of horse breeding and harness racing in Finland, has given a flagging recommendation for 6th of September to honour the national horse of Finland. About one third of Finland’s horses are finnhorses, which makes up about 20 000. One of these is Yle Northern Carelia radio station’s mascot horse, Ylen Sirmakka.

Sirmakka was bred with a trotter’s career in mind, but eventually her breeder Maija Kallio decided to change it to riding. Sirmakka has proven herself very fit for this job, she has learned everything she has been taught and, being a wise horse, she figures out quickly how to get the reward she is offered.


5 thoughts on “Ylen Sirmakka has grown into a brisk mare

  1. Looking for a finnhorse gelding to buy . Help. Needs to be 8 till 12 years old. Thank you


    • Sure, could you drop me an e-mail and tell a bit more about yourself and what kind of a horse you are looking for?


      • good morning viivi from germany,
        i am looking for an older finn horse gelding. needs to be 8 to 10 or 12 year old. i at present own a tori horse called moritz, but due to his age of 25, i cant ride him anymore, so he ist enjoying his fields. i am 51 years old and would like a horse with a calm temperament, good natured and needs a good home. i do not do competitions , dressage or show jumping. you will find me in the woods or fields here in germany near bielefeld. we got pleasure riding woods and i just enjoy to ride out with friends in the open. our horses live in the open for most 12 month in the year.
        if you want to check me out on facebook please look for me. christiane spencer. you than can view all my photos with my 3 beagles and 2 horses. my boyfriend owns nerwa a 10 year old polish halfbred. she is lovely but not my kind of horse. please view my pics.
        the horse i am looking for, needs to be safe on streets, noise, lunging. a fairly relaxed horse. up tp 1,55cm in height, you will see moritz on the pics and know what i mean. it would be lovely to hear from you again. i can write in english or german.
        have a fantastic day

        christiane spencer


      • Sounds good! I sent you a Facebook friend request and a message that might help you get started in your search for a nice gelding. Let’s keep in touch!



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