It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

The best four-and five-year-old riding horses at Ypäjä

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3-, 4- and 5-year-old finnhorses have their own qualification contest, called laatuarvostelu. The judges give points on scale 1-10 for horse’s body structure (type, trunk, legs incl. hooves, walk, trot), jumping (rideability, co-operation, jump technique) and gaits ridden (walk, trot, canter, co-operation). The final results are based in averages af all these points.

Photo: Sini Tuhkunen

I    m. Katallin Leidilei (Kuningas Ässä – Lennon Lieska – K.M.Nopsa) average 7,92
II   s. Ypäjä Arska (Lorentso – Uno Liisa – Uno) 7,77
III  s. Romeon Poju (Tosi-Romeo – Siromori – Ero-Mori), 7,67

See full results here



I    g. Mikonmajan Arvid (Jaime – Hallelujaa – Vokker) 8,79
II   s. Pilsner (Pilven Poika – Keppana – Johto-Tähti) 8,21
III  m. Janella (Jaime – Nellan Tyttö – Johto-Purje) 8,07

Full results here


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