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Tapiola breeder’s dressage for Hessin Leevi



Hessin Leevi, photo by Sini Tuhkunen

Tapiola breeder’s prize for finnhorses was Hessin Leevi‘s (Lastun Leka – Jeviiritär – Jeviiri) show, scoring 139,585% results in two programmes ridden. He was ridden by Stella Hagelstam and bred by Heidi Sinda. This R-studbook stallion is owned by Harri and Katja Kuokka.  Second place went to Sarantino (Saran Salama – Niemen Utu – Etsaus), ridden by Anne Kesseli, third place Auringon Kajo (Jaime – Täti Moonika – Holotna) – Maija Heikkinen, fourth Jallaralla (Jaime – Kottarainen – Perikuva) – Pauliina Pöntinen and fifth Brilliantti (Pilven Poika – Vähälempi – Spiraali) – Katri Korpi.

See full results here (pdf)

2. Sarantino, 130,315%
Photo by Sini Tuhkunen

3. Auringon Kajo 129,723%
Photo by Sini Tuhkunen


4. Jallaralla 127,924%
Photo by Sini Tuhkunen

5. Brilliantti 126,803%
Photo by Sini Tuhkunen



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