It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Vinpotar the versatile


Kuukauden työhevonen: Vinpotar (työ

b. 9.11.2002
s. Poika-Patrik
d. Viriva
owner Matti Makkonen
breeder Matti Keskinen

When Matti Makkonen was looking for a future work horse for himself, his eye catched the three-year-old Vinpotar. She wasn’t particurlarly special in any way, but she was a good, decent horse without hopes for trotter’s career, so she was sold quite cheap. She was young and nice-tempered, and liked being around people. Though she wasn’t fast enough to be a trotter, she was way too frisky for a work horse at first. Only as older age she has learned to stay still when harnessed, thanks to her patient master. Nowadays she works around the year in different tasks at their home farm with all machines necessary. They have also participated in a few plowing and pulling contests.

Vinpotar has received also riding schooling, and Makkonen family have been thinking about having more of these four-legged children some day.

Photos by Rita Makkonen

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