It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!


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Kuukauden työhevonen: Yrkkö (työ

Photo from the article (see link above, also more photos)

s. 11.7 1992
s. Hilto
d. Osman-Vappu
Owner Matti Jarva
Breeder Heikki Jarva

Yrkkö was homebred by Jarva brothers, representing the third generation of work horses of Pääkkölä farm in Piippola. He got his name from a very tough, small worker stallion Yrkkö who was owned by Matti’s father Heikki after the wars.

Yrkkö has truly redeemed his name, he has grown a fine work horse. It feels like the horse reads Matti’s mind, and has brought every log home. Their record is over hundred cubics of log in one winter.

Yrkkö’s work is seasonal, the cultivation work on fields is done mostly with tractor. He has also performed on television and pulled wedding carriages.
Matti likes stallions, he has a young four-year-old growing up on the same farm. He is called Ihmeen-Urho, maybe a future successor for Yrkkö. “Anyone can have fish and bread -only a few get to have a good horse!” says Matti.

Photos & original text by Kirsti Forssen & Hannu Snellman


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