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If the best finnhorses raced against each other…


From Kylmä totuus hallitsijoista (IS Ravit 24.7.2012)

Which horse is the best trotter king of all time? Or queen?

Times change, horses, tracks and weathers change. There are many opinions. There is no absolute truth. The king and queen races have been raced with current rules since 1984. If we look only at the times the horses have reached in the whole race, Saran Salama is the fastest trotter king of all time with 9 minutes, 27,2 seconds, where I.P. Vipotiina is the fastest trotter queen ever with result of 9.31,8 min, trotted in Tampere last year.

This Tuesdays Veikkaaja magazine published an infographic about the fastest trotter kings and queens, and how they would have placed on the track if they raced against each other with their best results. Horses that have won more than one crowns – e.g. Viesker and I.P. Vipotiina – are placed in the graphic only with their best result.

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