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Trotting Championships Sunday

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Finland got a new ruling couple

Stallion Erikasson is the new trotter king, mare sirun Valpuriina trotter queen. The thirteen-year-old Erikasson is owned by Helena Tuikka and Jaakko Varjonen. He is trained by Bella Varjonen and his trusted driver is Harri Koivunen. Erikasson was bred by Riikka-Liisa Tolonen from Hattula.

Erikasson did not win any of the part races but placed well in each of them. Second place went to Turon Myrsky for winning two of the three races, third I.P. Lento with his crushing performance in the long-distance race of 3100m.

– He is an unbelievable horse. One permille of horses is like him. I have never met a horse like this, told Harri Koivunen.

The 11-year-old mare Sirun Valpuriina is owned by Anu Hyytiäinen from Jämsä. Her trainer Aimo Vuorinen and driver Jouni Törmänen are also located in Jämsä. She was bred by Jorma Leppänen at Virrat.

Sirun Valpuriina turned the field around in 3100m race. She was a surprise winner, though known well as a long-distance horse. She won by meters, spurted the 6 second difference to leading horses in the queen race and won the crown by 0,4 second difference. B. Turolii placed second and Marimin third. To frost her cake even more, she made a new Finnish record on long distance,  1.25,5.

All honor from this victory has to go to Aimo and Jouni. I have been very lucky to have these people around to make this horse a queen, said Anu Hyytiäinen.

Link to final results of trotter queen and king races

Records in many levels

Mikkeli race track gathered a 27 910 people audience on Sunday, 24 108 on Saturday, alltogether 52 018. Tote exchange was 4,7 million euro.

43 min Video resume from trotting championships by YLE (available for 5 more days, viewable also abroad)

All photos: Hippos Photo bank


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