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Three finnhorses in this year’s yearling auction

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This year’s foal auction catalogue has been published. There are 85 warmblood trotter yearlings and three finnhorses. The trend is lowering, I remember last year there were five finnhorses?

Gender Name Sire Dam Broodmare sire
colt Mylverin Jytky Cameron Putuliina 53,9 Utun Ruutu
filly Erriina Erikasson Riinan Muisto 34,3 Tähti-Pampu
filly Mylverin Repekka Humeeti Suvinella 29,4 Suvin-Sälli

These three are quite promising by their pedigrees, I don’t know why the auction hasn’t got more breeders to participate -maybe they think a good horse sells itself and don’t want to take it all the way to Ypäjä in September. Well, good for them if their horses get sold. :) I have never been to the auction myself, but the event seems to have grown annually.

I made this little chart to summarize the auctions so far. It shows all listed yearlings (black) and finnhorses (red). Standardbred breeders have found the auction quite well, but there has been never more than 8 finnhorses for sale. Last year 21 out of 93 foals were not sold (22%).

To compare, here are last year’s results (finnhorses), and the full results here.

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One thought on “Three finnhorses in this year’s yearling auction

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