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Finnhorse riding championships 2012


This year’s finnhorse riding championships take their traditional place in the end of August, starting August 30th and continuing to 2nd of September 2012.

The best dressage and show jumping finnhorses gather to Ypäjä to contest their skills as well as 3-, 4- and 5-year-old finnhorses have their own “Breeder’s prize” type of contest where their gaits, body structure and free jumps are judged. The best 6-year-olds contest in show jumping in Tapiola breeder’s prize.

It is time to set the mood -have a look at photos and videos from the last few years.

Results from finnhorse riding championships (NT 10.9.2011)

Video: Etu-Kihinä (2011) (on Youtube)

Video: Herkko Hurmaus (2011) (on Youtube)

Video: finnhorse riding championships 2010 compilation (on Youtube)

Video: Linkker (2008) (on Youtube)

Suomenratsujen kuninkaalliset 2011 (

Suomenhevosgalleria (“Suomenratsujen kuninkaalliset”) (

Suomenratsujen kuninkaalliset 2009 (

Suomenratsujen kuninkaalliset 2008 (

Suomenratsujen kuninkaalliset 2007 (

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