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Äänestä Mikkelin ravisuosikeista kaunein ja komein! (Länsi-Savo 27.6.2012)

Newspapers Länsi-Savo and itä-Savo are looking for miss and mister finnhorse. The candidates are top-class finnhorse trotters, most probably this year’s trotter queen and king among them.

You can vote your favourites by SMS, cost is 1,10 EUR per SMS. Write LS ORI and number for stallion and LS TAMMA and number to vote your favourite mare, for example LS ORI 1 and LS TAMMA 1. Send your SMS to 13540.

The voting closes 16th of July. The grand prize is two VIP tickets to the trotting championships races 22nd of July 2012 in Mikkeli, Finland, and a few more lucky winners get free tickets to the races.

The voting results are published on championships race’s eve, Friday 20th of July.


1. Villihotti
The ten-year-old ruling trotter king has improved to every race this year. He is a stallion full of strength and often solves the races to his own good with his good spurt. Villihotti is one of Seppo Suuronen’s three open class trotters at the moment, he also owns the horse with Toni Lasila from Lahti.
2. Tuokkolan Touho
Nine-year-old Tuokkolan Touho has had some bad luck this year, but is making a comeback for summer. He placed second in trotter king final just slightly after his stable mate Villihotti. He is also trained by Seppo Suuronen and owned by Ravitalli Suuronen Oy and JMR Talli Oy.
3. Franko
8-year-old Franko has made his way to open class races and finnhorses’ elite during the last year. This godly looking flaxen-mained stallion makes on thrill, and is Seppo Suuronen’s third link in the top-class chain of quality trotter horses. Maybe even the “black horse” for trotter king race?
4. Boker
Boker, also 9 years old, has made his way to open class races. This athlete has participated in every big race for finnhorses this year placing well in each of them, including international Elitkampen race in Sweden, bringing many good moments for his owner team Team Boker, which includes members from both his home town Puumala and from Hollola.
5. Frans
The eleven-year-old steel stallion Frans is the fresh Grand Champion, Derby winner of his time, Little king of his age-class and participant of all big races through the years. He is good on any distance raced and has a tremendous spurt ability. He is owned and trained by Jouni Hakkinen from Kuhmoinen.

6. Erikasson
The thirteen-year-old stallion is one of the best finnhorse trotters ever by his talent. He has had disadvantages and set-backs in his career, but he has always made his way back to the top. His winning percent is nearly 50! He is trained by Bella Varjonen and owned by Helena Tuikka, Varjonen’s mother, and her fiancé Jaakko Varjonen.
7. Tähen Tuuri
The ten-year-old Tähen Tuuri is also a threat to any contestant on any distance. He brought honor to finnhorses in 2011 by winning the international Prix des Pays Nordiques in Vincennes, France. He is trained by Terho Rautiainen from Kangasniemi, and owned by Talli Moukantuuri Oy, formed by four long-time horsemen from southern Savonia.

8. Virijori
Virijori places to group “young challengers”, since he is only seven years old and just making his way to the top. He won the Savo-race in May, and placed always well in his age-class races. His trainer is Tero Mäenpää from Maaninka, who has a few more open class trotter stallions in his stable, too.

9. Köppinen
Köppinen has also given a good effort towards the open class. He is a threat to anyone, if he only has the patience to trot whole time. This dark casanova is an example of a versatile horse, as he serves also as riding horse for his owners Jyrki and Maija Korhonen. Jyrki Korhonen also traines the horse himself.

10. I.P. Lento
I.P. Lento, age 11, has also participated actively in big races, winning e.g. the Erkon Pokaali race and the Kirppu-race twice. This sporty stallion is owned by Sivolan Tila from Kajaani. He is bred by Parviainen family, who have bred all the well-known I.P.-trotters. Heikki Parviainen won the trotter queen’s crown with I.P. Sukkula in 1996 when Mikkeli held the championship races last time.


1. B. HelmiinaThe fourteen-year-olf twice-crowned trotter queen from the years 2006 and 2007. She seems to have endless speed storages when she is at her best, the golden nugget of Brogstöm family from Lappeenranta. This fiery-tempered mare does not take the winner’s rug on her when she is harnessed.
2. B. TuroliiTwelve-year-old B. Turolii is B. Helmiina’s little sister, also owned by Borgström family. This blonde beauty is as fast as the wind, probably on high ranks for trotter queen race this year. Reijo Borgström, known for his B.-horses has also won the trotter king’s crown once with stallion Vekke.
3. NorikoNoriko comes from northern Savonia, from Kiuruvesi. This open-class challenger might be the black horse in this year’s queen race. Trainer Timo Vääränen is known as extremely careful when it comes to choose races for his horses -Noriko has won almost a half of the races she has participated. Vääränen has rented Noriko with A. Harmonen and K. Sirviö.
4. I.P. VipotiinaThis thirteen-year-old mare has a tremendous list of success on her career -including three wins in the trotter queen races and a world record. She is owned by Rip Rap Team and Seppo Juvonen. The trainer is Pertti Puikkonen, who comes originally from Mikkeli but currently lives in Espoo. I.P. Vipotiina has had almost magical trotting career, including also Kriterium and Derby race wins as 4- and 5-year-old.

5. Oktaavia
Oktaavia, age 12, is well-known for her tremendous final spurt, which has often brought her over the winning line as the winner. Oktaavia comes from Ypäjä, where she is owned and trained by long-term horsemen Lauri Malinen and Taisto Nurmio, who have had many succesful trotters over the years.

6. Marimin
The thirteen-year-old Marimin comes also from the traditional horse county of Ypäjä. Marimin’s strengths are wind-like speed and the fact that she does not gallop easily when racing. She is owned by Esa Heikkinen and Terhi Haukivaara. Marimin has had some setbacks often just before the trotter queen races. We just have to hope that this year everything would go smooth and she could participate in the race that all finnhorse owners and breeders are hoping they could some day participate.
7. Helmin Roosa
The eight-year-old Helmin Roosa is another challenger along Noriko in open class circles. She has a good final spurt, which comes in handy also in open-class races. She is owned by team Järvenpää & Järvenpää & Honkonen & Kotilainen. Trainer Harri Kotilainen has also driven the mare in all of her races.

8. Velin Vinke
The trotter queen of 2008. This red chestnut mare is smooth-moving speeder, who has the speed to challenge others in demanding conditions. Owner-trainer Aarne Halla-Aho got to harness racing after retirement.

9. Poljento
Poljento is an eager racer, who needs her driver more as a passenger. She can handle exptreme speed in long distances, so this flaxen-mained athlete is a familiar sight as the leading horse in races. Poljento is owned Petri Koskenmäki from Alajärvi.
10. Aino-Ilona
Eleven-year-old Aino-Ilona is an experienced contestant in both harness racing and beauty. She won the vote for Miss title held before Tampere’s championships races. Aino-Ilona is owned by Kiia-Karoliina Nieminen from Vantaa. She is trained by Kiia-Karoliina’s father Jukka Rintamäki from Ylöjärvi.

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