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Vilpotar, the gentle giant

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Kuukauden työhevonen: Vilpotar (

b. 26.7.1997
s. Vispok 1918-87J
d. Vilma-Neiti 1127-81J

Vilpotar, nicknamed Viltsu, is homebred by Taina and Markku Mässeli, the gentle giant with her height of 167cm at withers. Markku had planned a trotting career for her, but since she had more easy-going nature than a trotter maybe should, Markku thought she might be better at work horse’s profession. She is unbelievably kind by nature, even small children can lead and groom her without any concern. She is always ready to work, easy to ride and drive.

Vilpotar and Markku have competed in work horse contests. She placed second in 2009. Markku joked to co-contestants at Kannus 2011, that they should win since they had the longest way from home -650km. Did she listen to him or not, Vilpotar brought home the 2500€ first prize and the title of Work horse champion in 2011. They have also participated in Finnish horse plowing championships placing second, paired with another finnhorse mare Lento-Suukko. This year’s main goal is to defend the championship at Jyväskylä.

Vilpotar has not required any special training for the contests, since she works daily at home ranch on everyday tasks. She has foaled twice, gelding Aarteen Etsijä (2008, sire Aarteen Aprik), is aiming for harness races. The second foal, colt Viltraus (s. Valtraus) had to be put down as six months old due to an accident.


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