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Finnhorses from A to Z


Just something little less serious for a change. I found some fun blog challenges (you may challenge me if you have something in your mind, that would be fun) and decided to make a list of finnhorses from A to Z (plus umlauts Ä (ae) and Ö (oe), Å since the Finnish alphabet includes them too. :))
– And yes, there would have been many good horses to many of the letters, but I had to choose one. ;)

A – Alarik 134, one of the studs from finnhorse’s early years
B – Bogatir, the first R-studbooked stallion
C – Corleone, the finnhorse dressage champion 2011
D – Docka, a first-prize mare from the early years of finnhorse’s studbook
E – Eino, the founder one of the four till existing sire lines
F – Feelis must be one of the best known finnhorses in France after participating twice to Prix des Pays Nordiques in Vincennes.
G – Gustav Dahlia, the Pikkukunkku winner, Derby and Tawastjerna Memorial silver medalist 2011
H – Hippos, born 1891, was referred as one of the most perfectly structured horses the studbook committee had ever seen.
I – Ihme-Toti, trotter king 1962 (and several placements)
J – Jaakko Tt 118, founder of one of the four still remaining sire lines, probably the most common through Eri-Aaroni.
K – Kirppu Tt 710, founder of another of the few remaining sire lines
L – Laippa, the Finnish work horse champion 2006, silver medalist 2008 & 2010
M – Murto, sire of Eri-Aaroni, trotter king 1926 and 1929
N – Nynny, mother of 17, 7 of which star- or quality trotters (record 1.30,0 and below)
O – Onnipoika, a black R-stud
P – Pette, multiple big race winner, J- and R-studbooked stallion
Q – Quutar, the only finnhorse to have a name that begins with Q. Sorry, no photo yet.. :D
R – Reipas the wonder gelding, races 1300 starts in his career with 348 wins.
S – Suikku, has 1240 offspring, undoubtably has had a great influence on modern finnhorse.
T – Topi, another wonder gelding, grand championship winner 1964-1965
U – Uljaanpoika, whose sire line has continued to this date
V – Vonkaus the wonder gelding raced over 700 starts with 317 wins
W – Wilmatilda, a P-studbooked mare
X – Xavier Hagby, former trotter, gelded 2002, competed in regional show jumping contests
Y – Ypäjä Tarja, owned by the former president of Finland Tarja Halonen
Z – Zimone, just a nice-looking J-studbook mare :)
Å – found no horses
Å – Äijön Kierna, a silver dapple black pony-sized finnhorse mare
Ö – found no horses


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