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Noble mares: Aaronin-Tyttö

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From: Suomenhevostammojen aateli, part I: 1947-1951 ( by Marko Vuolukka)

This series of articles introduces you to the best finnhorse broodmares of all time. The goal is to present all those finnhorse mares that have produced at least three star trotters (“tähtijuoksija”, a finnhorse that trots a km-time under 1.30,0). This group of mares gets about twenty new members every year, so as this series gets near to it’s end, there must be about five hundred noble mares.

Until the end on 2010 there were altogether 455 finnhorse mares,who had produced at least three star trotter horses. The author of the earlier article series, Marko Vuolukka, produced the first version in 1998-2001 for Hevosmaailma (Horse World) magazine.

Mare born record * progeny sire dam dam’s sire
mare family
AARONIN-TYTTÖ 1947 1.31,4 3 5 Eri-Aaroni Loora Erkka Loora (yh 5015 AA)

The series starts with a daughter of the famous Eri-Aaroni. Aaronin-Tyttö, born in 1947, left the race tracks with a record 1.31,4. Four out of five of her foals did better than herself and three of them trotted below the magical 1.30 limit.

Her first foal, stallion Vara (1953 by Murtovara), trotted 1.29,1. This stallion became an important link in the rare sire line, which has later produced e.g. the star trotters Jalo, Varan-Vippe, Veto-Vihje, Jalonen and Ailov.

Information & pedigree (
Maternal line’s production (


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