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I.P. Vipotiina aims for the fourth crown in a row this summer

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Vermo Star -television series shows a horse a week from trainers whose stables are located near Vermo race track. They have visited a few times on Pertti Puikkonen’s stable this spring, and this episode’s star is the ruling trotter queen I.P. Vipotiina.

Sonja Julkunen: The ruling queen I.P. Vipotiina is heading for the fourth trotter queen crown this summer. Before that she should redeem herself in A.V. Marttila mare contest on upcoming Wednesday.

Jaana Lehtonen, I.P. Vipotiinas groom, how long have you known the horse?

JL: I think it’s the sixth summer now.
SJ: So one could say that you two have got to know each other well. I.P. Vipotiina is known as quite a fiery nature, how does she show it?
JL: Well, she is nowadays quite nice at home, that nature comes out mostly on track.
SJ: How has she trained for these past months at home?
JL: She’s almost daily walking, lots of walk and swimming few times a week. Pertti has also heated other horses keeping vipotiina on a leash beside him.
SJ: So she is not harnessed until the races?
JL: Yes.
SJ: Vipotiina is now racing for 11th year, she is 13 years old, how does her routine show in training?
JL: We have cut down the jogging, we are trying to save her legs by walking and swimming instead.
SJ: How do you feel about Vipotiina, do you think she still could do better and perhaps take the fourth queen title in a row?
JL: I do not know about her records, but she has just as good chances of winning as other horses…
SJ: So you are not bringing a knife to a gunfight?
JL: Never!
SJ: Vipotiinas next challenge is A.V. Marttila mare contest, one mile this Wednesday, how is this for Vipotiina?
JL: It’s fine, she’s good at any distance.
SJ: Which track would have been your favourite?
JL: I think this 9 is just fine for a change, she can save her strength for the last spurt. She has got to outer tracks in her previous starts and had to spurt in the beginning very hard.
SJ: What would you guess for her placing in this race, she has done well but has not won this year yet, could this be it?
JL: We can only hope!

SJ: Bea Puikkonen, you come to your fathers stables to help, what do you think about I.P. Vipotiina?
BP: She is very kind and pleasant horse… and fast, of course.
SJ: You have been present in the queen races to cheer her, how is the atmosphere there?
BP: Of course it is great, and even better when my father is her trainer!
SJ: What do you think about this years queen race?
BP: I just hope that it goes as well as before.
SJ: Do you think you have the best horse for the race?
BP: She will always be the best.

 1609m A,V. Marttilan Tammasarja P. 4000 e. Toto65
# Horse / Driver Dist:track Autost. record Record Winnings
1 B. Turolii  /  Kari Rosimo 1609: 1 21,7aly 23,4ke 164 855 €
2 Oktaavia  /  Kari Venäläinen 1609: 2 22,2aly 24,2ke 139 040 €
3 Marimin  /  Arto Hammar 1609: 3 21,7aly 23,3ly 209 755 €
4 Yllin Kyllin  /  Teemu Okkolin 1609: 4 25,9ake 25,3ke 40 430 €
5 Noriko  /  Jani Ruotsalainen 1609: 5 24,5ake 25,3ly 59 680 €
6 R.R. Ruskariina  /  Tapio Perttunen 1609: 6 24,8aly 25,3ke 44 310 €
7 Liinan Linkki  /  Jorma Liimatainen 1609: 7 22,8aly 25,1ly 47 690 €
8 Poljento  /  Jukka Kolkka 1609: 8 23,2aly 25,4ke 38 870 €
9 I.P. Vipotiina  /  Pertti Puikkonen 1609: 9 20,2aly 22,3ke 461 970 €
10 Tsingiska  /  Hannu Kamppuri 1609: 10 24,8aly 26,1ke 25 850 €
11 Kihiliina  /  Jarmo Saarela 1609: 11 25,2ake 25,2ke 31 410 €
12 Aino-Ilona  /  Ari Moilanen 1609: 12 22,5aly 24,9ke 62 440 €

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