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Risto. Photo from Peräseinäjoen Sanomat

I came to see my blog’s statistics this morning, as I usually do, and found out that today there had been just one visit so far -but how that one visitor found his or her way here, was an interesting question typed in search: “Do Finnish horses live for 70 years?”

Well, I have read that the oldest horse ever lived for 62 years, and the oldest living horse in the world is a 51-year-old gelding called Shayne.

The oldest horse in Finland would be (by brief googling) shetland pony mare Iisa Garbo, 40 years, born 1972 in Denmark, and according to one article in Peräseinäjoen Sanomat, the oldest finnhorse (at least the oldest in Peräseinäjoki) might be Risto, who is 31 years today if he hasn’t already passed away. My brief googling did not reveal how old has the oldest finnhorse ever been. Though it is not rare to meet vital finnhorses over 20 years of age.

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