It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Interesting finnhorses for color enthusiasts


From Jun 2 finds & Apr 28 Finds (2.6. 2011)

Photo by Sini Merikallio

Hovi-Viri – black Finnhorse mare. Looks to have two blue (or maybe partially blue) eyes, and only a star on her face. Were she a Paint, I’d want her tested for frame, but within that breed, this should be minimal splash! I think…

Ypäjä Arska – bay Finnhorse stallion, similar to the mare above, blue eyes with only a star. Looks like he *might* have a teeny bit of a snip though!

Tuulensuun Siila – Finnhorse stallion. Huge color change! My best guess is that he’s a black chestnut (super dark chestnut). Or maybe a dark silver.

Ahonkukka – super light bay silver dapple (I think) Finnhorse filly. Very cool color!

Jessimo – chestnut Finnhorse stallion with a roan mismark on his hip.

Thanks Nona!

Pikpoketti – chestnut Finnhorse stallion with a cool blaze.

Taikahuure – red roan Finnhorse colt. Very few roans in the breed! Both these two come from a lovely blog about Finnhorses, can’t believe all the great info there, check it out!

Thanks for Nicole for blogging about these horses (and mentioning NT :))). But there are more!

Vekselin Ihme is an interesting phenomenon – he was born from chestnut parents as almost completely white! He is assumed to be either sabino or dominant white-coloured, but anyway he stands for his name – Ihme means “wonder” or “miracle”. ;)

Palomino and especially buckskin finnhorses are extremely rare. The first registered BEC (double palomino, palomino gene from both parents) is the little filly Lakeuden Valotar, born in 2010. Her sire Autere was the first buckskin finnhorse for a while, Sukuposti database knew only two finnhorses of that colour, both of them lived sometime in 19th century and their pedigrees where unknown. Again, Autere’s sire Humeeti is the only finnhorse stallion that has been said to produce guaranteed bay or black foals (homozygous bay).

Smokey black is also a very rare colour to meet, but since the trend has been more and more interested in rare colors, a few foals have been born and registered as smokey black: Matta (Autere – Venja, 2009), Hennylän Kulta (Helinän Ari – Apilan Viola, 2009), and Kuukson Josefina (Voiveikko – Aatafina, 2011).

Actually, chestnut colour is so dominant in finnhorses because of the early studbook rules. Chestnut is easy to breed, since two chestnut horses always produce a chestnut foal and therefore gives more confident confirm for foal’s said pedigree.

Silver bay and black are interesting, not too widespread but quite often undercover. The silver gene does not show in a chestnut, so it can carry on hidden for generations until pops out when combined to black or bay genes, and still a silver bay can go on looking like a dark chestnut… Sukuposti found some bay silver dapples, but only four black silver dapples: A.T. Jesta (1989), A.T. Pikku-Unelma (1996), Äijön Kierna (2006) and Kosken Hermanni (2011). Therefore Kosken Hermanni’s sire Tuuvan Herpertti must have both palomino and silver genes in him! Well that’s something.


4 thoughts on “Interesting finnhorses for color enthusiasts

  1. Taikahuure died just before 2014.


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