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Boker to Elitkampen

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Boker elämänsä kunnossa Elitkampeniin (Etelä-Savo newspaper 25.5.2012)

Photo: Antti Savolainen

Boker’s breeder Pekka Luukkonen has warm memories of this legendary annual coldblood race in Stockholm. Rick, trained by Luukkonen, placed third in 2003, trotting the second fastest km-time ever for a finnhorse -1.19,6.

Harness racing enthusiasts around the North are aiming to Stockholm this weekend. The warmblood trotters are racing in Elitloppet and coldbloods in Elitkampen. Finnish representative for this race will be Boker, 9-year-old stallion bred by Pekka Luukkonen, trained and driven by Esa Holopainen. He will be racing against the best coldbloods of Norway and Sweden.

With a good race Boker should be able to place in the top four, estimates Luukkonen, interviewed by Etelä-Savo newspaper. Hallsta Lotus is without a doubt the best coldblood trotter in the world, but he hasn’t been overwhelmingly overpowered in Finnish races. Boker has had a very good spring and won the respected Erkon Pokaali race in Vermo against the best finnhorses. This gives Luukkonen some more confidence to Solvalla. “He is now better than ever.”

Finnhorse trotting championships in July?

Naturally Boker’s main goal for this summer is the trotter king’s crown, though Luukkonen wants to hold his feet on the ground fro now. “Two months is a long time. Harness racing is a risky sport, anything can happen before that. But we are going day by day and enjoying while this good flow lasts.”

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