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Finnhorse still lacks its official flag day

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Suomenhevoselle vaaditaan edelleen virallista liputuspäivää (Turun Sanomat 7.9.2009)

Ratsu Reima & Laura Porthan at Ypäjä. Photo by Timo Jerkku / TS-yhtymä

Finnhorse is a loyal worker and hero of Finland’s rebuild after our wars. It is a horse of a thousand stories.
Finnhorse’s day was announced in 2007, and flagging has been recommended on 6th of September by Hippos, the main organization of Finnish horse breeding and harness racing in Finland. It is legal to raise the flag nevertheless it is a national flag day or not, but it would add more value for the day to make it official, and also other than horse people would notice it.

– Yes, our only native horse breed has earned it’s flag day. It has built this country and been an essential help in developing our nation, justified the breeding director Terttu Peltonen from Hippos on Turun Sanomat in 2009.

Finnhorses have been purebred for over hundred years, the studbook was found in 1907. At the moment there about 20 000 finnhorses in Finland, serving as sports-, leisure-, and work horses.

This online petition demands a flag day for finnhorse. It has been online since 2007, but still signable. I believe that Sini will take the petition forward as she just gets more names on it. I decided to support by linking since I believe there are a few more people who would like to see the Finnhorse’s day on their calendars as an official flag day. :)

Short link to this article


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