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Napsukka, the seven-time Finnish champion


Kuukauden työhevonen: Napsukka (työ

1st prize mare NAPSUKKA 1637-94Ta

born 22th of May 1994
s. Ilon-Pisko
d. Voipulla

Owner: Eeva-Liisa Pitkänen
Breeder: Anja Jutila Alavieskasta

She has the enthusiasm, strength and she is a humble nature, Eeva-Liisa tells about her horse.

Napsukka came to her as a five-year-old. The calm mare was not exactly trotter material, but she has proven herself perfect for plowing shows and pleasure driving. She is easy to handle and trustworthy even when around bigger crowds. She likes especially little children and greets them by neighing.

Napsukka is a four-time Finnish champion in plowing from 2008 to 2011 and also three-time-champion in logging competitions between 2008-2010. Eeva-Liisa also likes to school newly-born foals the traditional way, by tying the foal to mare’s harness while plowing -that way the foal learns to be walked and that the plow behind is not dangerous. The presence of the foal does not make the mare distracted, she knows her job.

Napsukka has five foals to date: stallion Hupsukka (2007), mare Tepsukka (2008), mare Savotan Tyttö (2009), stallion Napsaus (2010) and mare Lupsukka (2011, shown in these pictures).

Original text & photos by Kirsti Forssen

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