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First rankings for trotting championships

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The first rankings for this year’s trotting championships have been calculated. The ranking is based on purely mathematics, emphasizing horse’s winnings during his/her whole career and the fastest km-time. Only stallions and mares that have been inspected for studbook can attend the trotting championships. The rankings will be calculated at least three or four times before the championship races 21st and 22nd on July, but we can already start looking forward dor THE weekend for the finnhorse people and guessing which horses will, could or should be crowned as the trotter king and queen this year.


1. Frans 83p

2. Tuokkolan Touho 66p

3. Boker 57p

4. Kilun Peedro 55p

5. Hepori 49p

6. Franko 40p

7. Veeran Turo 37p

8. Köppinen 36p

9. Tähen Tuuri 33p

10. Suikun Rilla 33p

11. Virijori 14p

12. Turbo-Urpo 11p

13. A.T. Veli 10p

14. Provinssi 10p


1. Marimin 90p

2. Velin Vinke 73p

3. B. Helmiina 72p

4. Sirun Valpuriina 51p

5. B. Turolii 47p

6. Oktaavia 41p

7. Maijuli 28p

8. Siirius 28p

9. Mokomani 22p

10. Noriko 22p

11. Vaiva 16p

12. Hissun Virva 13 p

13. Rituhelmi 12p

14. Ulleri 8 p

These lists lack still eg. the ruling pair I.P. Vipotiina and Villihotti, but the reason is simple: they have not raced yet this year. Both of them are starting on Saturday 21st of April at Kouvola, we’ll see how fierce the sparkles hit as the ruling couple will take their first steps on tracks for this summer. ;)


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