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Results from Kiuruvesi Inspection


The annual inspection at Kiuruvesi was held this year at 28th of February. There were nine trotters and one riding horse stallion inspected, Tähti-Paroni and Löytävä were renewing their licenses.

Dominik 1096-05J

s. Sipori 19,4a (J)

d. Nuotteli 31,4a





Ekoloki 2280-07J

s. A.T. Eko 21,1a (J)

d. Imun Ilo 26,2a





Franko 2002-04J

s. Turo 23,8a (J)

d. Pedrita 26,1a (J)





Gustav Dahlia 2256-06J

s. Cameron 22,7a (J)

d. Vokkerin Palsami 30,7





Herra Hanuri 1356-07J

s. Viesker 19,9a (J)

d. Ukulele 29,8 (J)





Hiskappi 2026-01J

s. Kihin Hiski 21,3a (J)

d. Fanniina 38,4





K.P. Salama 1041-05J

s. Viesker 19,9a (J)

d. Arvan-Vinku





Löytävä 1785-97J

s. Totilo 31,0 (J)

d. Nukeva 32,4 Valio (J)





Tähti-Paroni 1876-96J

s. Tähti-Vokker 25,6a (J)

d. Katrik





Valon Veikka 2045-06R

s. Murron Valo (R)

d. Knuutilan Muska (R)






All photos by Eero Perttunen/Hippola






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