It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Kokeva is Matti’s best friend

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Matti Honkonen tells touchingly about his trotter stallion Kokeva, as tv-show Kierroksilla visited their stable. This episode was aired 14th of March 2012.

Matti tells about Kokeva:

– He was born in Orivesi, and I have had him since he was two years old.

– He’s more like a dog than a horse… We have a very good relationship, he’s my best friend, practically a life partner. He’s got an interesting character, one-man horse so to speak. If my house just had not the small entrance it does, he would live there with me.

– At home he knows his value, he’s the king here. He still feels like a 3- or 4-year old, not at all like a fifteen-year-old horse…

– Kokeva’s racing license grows old at this year’s end, when he turns 16. He’s standing at stud at Ordenoja. We have been planning about renting him for next summer, and they are getting me and my other horse Vertical Limit moving there as well. I wouldn’t get along without Kokeva, so they are getting the whole package.

(interviewer) So we can say that Kokeva is the horse of your life?

– Absolutely. He is my life, and there will never be another horse like him.


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