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Statistics from young horses’ races in 2011

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Tuloksia nuorten hevosten kilpailutoiminnassa (Juoksuradalta-blog at 8.3.2012)

Vennelmon Voitto. Photo: Hevosurheilu

In 2011 a new program was put in action: to activate the racing of young horses. It has been common not to race the finnhorses until 4-, or 5 years of age, and there has been a demand for races that would give a chance of success also for the good, but not exceptionally mature, young horses so that they could also gain proper training and experience from races already at young age.

The elimination point system was changed, the mare races were opened for horses that had been brought to Finland at young age, young horses’ races were re-profiled with different prize levels, the new JunnuStartti race series and renewal of preliminary races seem to have got a warm welcome among the horse people. Results are encouraging.

The preliminary was opened for two-year-old finnhorses in autumn 2011 (earlier only for three-year-olds). The first two-year-old to attend was Vennelmon Voitto with result 2.05,3. Altogether 36 two-year-olds attended the preliminary.

The new JunnuStartti (JuniorStart) race series for two-year-old warmbloods and three-year-old finnhorses gained a very positive attendance rates and gave a fair chance to race beneficially eith a three-year-old. The series will be continued in 2012 in Toto75-races and the finals will be raced with first prize of 5000 euro.

Here is a table comparing the years 2010 and 2011:

  2010 2011
 2-yo 1st preliminary 0 36
 3-yo 1st preliminary 321 267
 3-yo 2nd preliminary
230 186
 3-yo raced horses
47 55
 3-yo starts 77 117
 3-yo winnings
22 660€ 47 480€
 4-yo raced horses
228 203
 4-yo starts 1253 1063
 4-yo winnings 473 540€ 423 593€

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