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Prizes rised for national foal show

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3-vuotiaiden suomenhevosten valtakunnallisen varsanäyttelyn palkinnot nousivat ( 30.3.2012)

3-year-old stallion Wauhdikas was the best trotter foal at autumn 2011 foal show. Which youngster will be the best three-year-old 2012, will be solved at Pirkka-Halli at Hevoset2012 fair 20th of April.

The annual foal show for thre-year-old finnhorses is held again this year at Tampere 20th of April. Pohjois-Hämeen Hippos foundation has gifted a bonus for this year’s prizes. The best foal will gain a 1000 euro prize, 500€ for second best, 300€ for third, 200€ for fourth and a 150€ prize for the fifth best foal. There are 17 young horses signed for the show so far, and horses can be signed until 10th of April. The elimination show will be held on Teivo racetrack and the five best horses will get to the last round which is held at Pirkka-Halli.


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