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Twenty-seven fine years with Avaruus

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Kuukauden työhevonen: Avaruus (

(Avaruus on the left)

Gelding AVARUUS 2319-85

b. 7.5 1985
s. V.T. Ajatus
d. Lohko-Muisto

owner & breeder Jarmo Varjonen

Varjonen has bred Avaruus himself. Though there was some argues with the young stallion, he has developed to a decent worker. Varjonen told that he was a great-looking wedding carriage horse. His only lapse was to neigh very loudly at his own image that mirrored from store windows… To a big disappointment to his owner, Avaruus had to be emergency-gelded in the age of five.

Jarmo got fond of plowing in the 80s as watching a plowing competition. It looked interesting and the horse seemed suitable for the work. Besides practising Jarmo has show-plowed in events, but they did not participate in any competitions until 2007. Jarmo’s “trade mark” has been to teach his horses take half steps in front of the plow, so that the pull would be more settle. He works with a pair of horses, Avaruus has worked with Tähti-Hetki, E.V. Kenraali and Hallanvaara.

Until the 60s Jarmo got his living by working with horses, mostly with wood and logging. When the last horses were to disappear from farms, he was considered old-fashioned, but as the times have passed, he has been asked to teach younger people who have not seen the working with horses.

Avaruus is already 27 years old. Jarmo speaks respectively and mildly sentimentally about this horse, with whom he has experienced so much and who has brought many moments of joy.

original text & photos byKirsti Forssen


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