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Cameron has died

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Cameron kuoli suolikierteeseen ( 28.3.2012)

A known stallion, one of the best sires for the last few year’s sire statistics, Cameron has deceased due to intestinal failure. Owner Veikko Herranen told that they had been travelling to Tampere for races, when they got a phone call from home. Everything was not right. A vet had come to see Cameron and they were trying to take him to Hyvinkää horse hospital for surgery, but it was too late.

The 17-year-old stallion was a super-talented trotter of his time, the abosulte king of his age-class, winning both Kriterium and Derby races and Suurmestaruus race at older age. His record was 1.22,7a, he raced 84 times with 20 wins and earned 145 680 euro.

He stood in stud since the year 2000 and has 190 registered foals to date. His best foals have been mare Cordiitta (Kriterium-winner), Gustav Dahlia (Pikkukunkku-winner and Derby silver medalist) and a fresh 75-winner Calimero. Altogether his progeny includes six quality trotters (record below 1.25,0) and 19 of his foals have trotted below 1.30,0.


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