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Turon Pilkku is the Ice King 2012

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Turon Pilkku voitti Jääkuninkuuden taistellen ( 18.3.2012)

Turon Pilkku (10) fought to win at Levi ice king race. Photo: Hippola/Teemu Moisio

Turon Pilkku was not confused by icy track on lake Levi’s ice, and fought to convincing win at Jääkuningas (ice king) race for coldbloods. He was driven by Jarmo Saarela, who won two other races on Sunday as well, resulting to be the driver of the day. Turon Pilkku trotted the 2100m race in 1.29,9 km-time.

This Arctic Horse Race event was the second one of it’s kind, and resulted even better than last year. Audience grew to 4211 people and tote bets exchange was as great as 203 983 euro.

“Next year we will do even better” told Jouko Kangas, Turon Pilkku’s local trainer and race organiser. Project manager Mikko Saarinen was also feeling very positive about the day. “We have come a step forward and will develop this event calmly even further.” The Arctic Horse Race was held in sunny -1 celsius grade weather.

Photo: Hippola/Teemu Moisio


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