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Finnhorses performed well at Helsinki Horse Fair

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Suomenratsut Horse Fairissa 3.-4.3. (

Finnhorse rider’s association and their part-club, that specializes in finnish work horses, Työhevosharrastajat, were present at the Horse Fair in Helsinki. They had riding- and harnessing shows, pony-sized stallion (last year’s silver medalist in the finnhorse carriage driving championships by the way) Friisin Paletti performed in carriage driving show and stallion Silvolan Hemminki performed with original Finnish army saddle and traditional march music playing on the back. Riders had also two patting horses with them for the audience to pat and cuddle. Vänni and Prittakitti worked also as models at saddle fitting shows.

Silvolan Hemminki (photo from the original article at

One of the most discussed events of the weekend was Tunne Hevonen dressage challenge, which included a dressage course ridden without bit, spurs or whip. Two out of four ridden horses were finnhorses, Hessin Jeviiri and Silkki Musta performed well under saddle as well.

Silkki Musta at 3:14 and Hessin Jeviiri at 5:17 :)


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