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Results from Ypäjä inspection

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This year’s first stallion inspection was held in Ypäjä in January 23rd. These  five stallions were inspected for breeding, four of them in J (trotter)- and Kiripassi for T(work horse) -studbook. The links will take you to Sukuposti horse database for more photos and further pedigree information.

Kiripassi 1471-06TaR

s. Apassi (J) 20,0a

d. Kiri-Likka






Mirandos 2227-04J

s. Erovisku (J) 23,7a

d. Mervi






Ponnen Onni 1951-04J

s. Viesker (J) 19,9a

d. Ponnen-Leikki (J) 27,5a






Tähtitase 2242-07J

s. Turo (J) 23,8a

d. Tähtihuvi (J) 22,1a






Vinkker 1855-96J

s. Vinkkara (J) 23,5a

d. Tamori (J) 32,2a






Photos: Hippos photo bank / Eero Perttunen


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