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Anan Jalo is a perfect package

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Kuukauden työhevonen: Anan Jalo (Työ

ANAN JALO 2574-98T
born 21st of May 1998
s. El Vihuri
d. Tippa Ana

owner Laila Lahtinen
breeder Tuomo Setälä

Anan Jalo, or “Ansku”, is a first-prize work horse mare. She was inspected in Mäntyharju 2005 with pulling test.

Laila Lahtinen saw many horses until this individual was found. She bought her in 2004. The previous owner was so sure that the horse and the lady would match, that he brought Anan Jalo to Laila’s home and promised to take the horse back if she was not satisfied. Needless to say, Ansku stayed.

Anan Jalo is a familiar face in the work horse competitions, year after year. In 2011 she placed second in the work horse championships and in the Juankoski pulling contest she won.

Anan Jalo’s training program is mostly driving with a heavy carriage on hilly roads, which makes it diverse.  The strength practising goes with a sleigh on a field. They have 25kg sand sacks which they add to the sleigh up until 600 kilograms. Laila thinks that recovery is essential part of the training and massages the horse herself.

This well-planned training program has earned this pair a bunch of prizes from work horse events. The years of working together have taught both to read each other, so the teamwork is truly seamless. When asked for Anan Jalo’s best charasteristics, Laila answers without doubt “THE WHOLE PACKAGE.”

original text by Kirsti Forssen

photos by Tanja Lundsten/Kirsti Forssen


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