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Arto Paasilinna’s Sotahevonen plays at Oulu theatre

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Oulun kaupunginteatteri: Sotahevonen (

Heikki-hevonen tehtiin paineilmaletkusta, puusta, vanerista ja tyllistä ( 13.9.2011)

Based on Arto Paasilinna’s novel, dramatized by Tommi and Janne Auvinen, the Sotahevonen (war horse) comedy play has been played at Oulu theatre since last October.

It is the second year in the Continuation War in 1942. The Stormovik plane carrying two Russian soldiers lands somewhere  in Kainuu, Finland. The fuel has ran out, and the pilot lieutenant Savolenko and pharmacist Kunitsin have to solve the problem in order to continue their mission. The fierce adventure takes the soldiers to Nurmes market, where they meet their new neighing friend, Heikki the finnhorse.

Heikki the horse was made of pneumatic hose, wood, plywood and plover

Watch a video of Heikki on the set.

A red chestnut gelding Heikki walks around the stage at Oulu city theatre. He acts just as a real horse. He has also galloped around the Oulu market-square and is planning to do even more visitse there to meet the people of Oulu.

Heikki the finnhorse is a complicated combination of pneumatic hoses, plywood, wood, rubber bands, wig hair and stage plover. The mechanism is as hollow as the Troyan horse. This big puppet’s height is 170cm at withers. He was made by professional specialists Sirpa Törmä and Petri Haapakoski. On the stage he is moved around by a three-men team Inka Autio, Tuomas Kumpulainen and Antti Karjalainen.

Director Tommi Auvinen had wanted to bring the Sotahevonen novel on stage, but had trouble finding out how to carry out the war horse itself. The solution was found drom the UK, where similar horse puppets had been made for New London Theatre’s hit show War Horse. Their magnificent horses can bee seen at

London’s War Horse has been dramatized from Michael Morpugo’s children’s novel War Horse. Movie mogul Steven Spielberg caught on this same story and the movie War Horse premiered 28th of December 2011. See the trailer here.


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